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About Us


Primary Line of Business: Contracting and engineering of aluminum, glazing, ACP…
in residential and commercial construction projects.
Annual Sales: 8 million dollars for 2015
Location: Staluglass primary location address is in Bikfaya Abou Mizan, Industrial City, it's about 5000 sqm , divided for 5 floors.

we also have a second location located in Roumieh Naher El Mot, Frayha Center        
Equipments: Staluglass is one of the rare companies in Lebanon using the following
technical advanced
Double head numerical saw | CNC Mill | ACP router | Double Glazing machine |
Assembly kit

Staluglass has 12 different cars between Vans, Mini truck and truck to cover the
need of transportation, cargo, goods, men power.
Total Employees: 100 | 10 administrative employees, 25 factory based employees,
65 on site employees
Management Directory:
Simon Habib, General Manager
Joseph Habib, CEO
Elie Rizkallah, Sales Manager
Charles Sakha, Chief Engineer



Staluglass first started as Habib Establishment for Industry and Commerce in
2003, where it was leading in the stainless steel industry.
Due to the market expansion, Habib shifted into contracting of aluminum and
glazing works. As customers got to know us and our quality, more demand in
contracting came about regarding composite panels. From the year 2010, we
started to be known as Staluglass.
So far, Staluglass has executed a lot of projects, and was able to deliver, in 2015
due to acquired expertise, eighteen projects were finalized even before the time
dead line mentioned in schedule contracts.

One of Staluglass’ distinguishing is that all the customers shifted to become
clients as they showed satisfaction assigning new projects over and over again.



Staluglass has applied for ISO certification, planning to
acquire it by the end of 2013.
Staluglass by the end of 2013 will be located at Halat on
an 11000 square meter area with three hangars; one for
aluminum and glass, another for stainless steel ,and a
third for ACP.
New exclusive design of extruded aluminum profile with
special features will be introduced to the market by the
end of 2013.