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Fahed supervalue Mall



Fahed supervalue Mall. 3000 m2 of A.C.P Alusign brand name exclusive Staluglass dealer self-cleaning using hooking system for fixation as well as 1500 m2 of clear glass curtain wall.

Address: Beirut, Nahr El Mot highway
facing City Mall
Consultant: APAVE, represented by Mr. 0065A3
Rasheed Mubarak
Customer Representative: GMD
Project Manager: Joseph Bou Azar,
03 293947
Project Volume: 4000 sqm of ACP
(curved, straight, fire rated, self cleaning,
1500 sqm of curtain wall, 200 sqm of
louvers, 2000 sqm of doors and

Time Frame of Job Execution: 5 months
Apave certification